media connect

We package our connectivity and cloud access capabilities for the media community, delivering Media Connect. euNetworks works closely with media customers in support of their projects and workflow, whilst thinking forward to future bandwidth requirements.

We own and operate our own fibre networks. We lead the market in data centre connectivity and cloud connectivity and have invested in direct connection to key media areas around the UK and Europe, from Chiswick park to Wood Lane & Soho to Here East,  as well as to Media City Manchester and Hilversum in the Netherlands.

Learn more about:

  • our capability as a bandwidth partner within the media community – to the studio, post production, delivery and broadcast
  • the rapid service delivery experience we offer
  • the cost efficiencies enabled by our networks
  • scalable connectivity packages
  • flexible project based contract options
  • diverse cloud access




As a bandwidth infrastructure provider, we are always looking at ways to enable the media community with high speed bandwidth connections and dark fibre based solutions, whether to a data centre or key media sites.

Cloud Connect

Enabling innovative and cost effective workflow delivery with connectivity to the cloud.

Who and Where

We work closely across all aspects of the media workflow, supporting clients from visual effects and post production, to broadcast, playout, advertising as well as with studios.


Thinking of moving to the cloud?

Our scalable connectivity solutions combined with our media understanding enables us to support you on a move to the digital environment

We're trusted by media clients


“We’ve worked hard to develop our reputation as a leading digital asset manager and delivery business in the media industry, with our ability to rapidly scale ChilliVault, our file management platform, being vital to this. The fibre based network that euNetworks delivered to us in 2014 is an important piece of infrastructure enabling us to focus on what we do best.”

Peter Godden

Director, Stockroom London


“The infrastructure that euNetworks has worked with us to implement is changing how we deliver media content and programming across our entire business. It’s also changing our productivity, with teams able to complete projects and workflows more rapidly and efficiently than ever before. In the changing world of media creation, production and distribution, moving our business to a digital environment has been fundamental. The euNetworks team have supported us through this and continue to do so as our needs evolve further. ”

Leon Backbier

Manager ICT, Endemol Shine Nederland


“We offer services from ingest through to online distribution and continue to grow our digital media and post production service business. Scalable connectivity into key sites is vital for our growth. The Fibre services delivered to us by euNetworks are an important element to the distribution services we provide our clients”

Jake Robbins